Our Services

Custom Webinars

Organizations are often looking for cost-effective ways to provide training that is specific to their workplace realities. Our custom webinars can be accessed by all of your employees, wherever they are located and more importantly, can address their questions in real time. Some of the topics we have covered for our clients include:

Managing workplace mental health issues, responding to employees with mental illness or addiction, resolving conflict, supportive performance management, emotional intelligence, accommodation and return to work planning, civility and respect, managing team issues and more.

To get a quote on one or a series of custom webinars delivered by Mary Ann Baynton, contact us.

Custom Workshops

Custom workshops are built in collaboration with you to meet the needs of your workplace. Mary Ann Baynton has delivered workshops on all topics related to workplace mental health and psychological health and safety. Contact us to discuss your intended learning outcomes and how we can help you achieve them.

Below are just some of the workshops we have delivered:

Resolving Issues

Getting beyond conflict, performance or behaviour issues, especially where mental health may be a factor is our speciality. Our approach is to balance the human rights and needs of those involved with the reality that a workplace needs to work.

Increasing Competence

Managing or supporting people can be hard on your mental health. We understand. Having worked with hundreds of workers who have experienced mental health issues, they have taught us how to help them to stay productive and focused. We can share these ‘aha moments’ with you.

Building Awareness

Our balanced and no-nonsense approach to workplace issues helps avoid the two extremes that tend to make things worse – the bleeding heart who feels sorry for those who may be experiencing mental health issues and the hard-liner who considers sarcasm or threats to be motivating.

Our expertise is in improving workplace relationships, especially those that may include mental health related factors such as stress, burnout, depression or anxiety-related disorders.

We focus on the workplace interactions and how they affect all stakeholders including co-workers and supervisors.

Our services range from individual interventions around return to work or accommodation issues to resolving conflict among an entire team.

Our presentations range from individual approaches to managing workplace stress to organizational strategies to reduce psychological risk.