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The Workplace Relations Specialists

Let us help you address complex problems in a way that allows you to move toward more productive and healthy working relationships.


It is our practical experience of working with hundreds of employees with mental illnesses like depression, addiction, or anxiety disorders that makes our training unique and effective. Topics can include anything related to psychological health and safety or workplace mental health and can be customized for various workplace audiences online as a webinar or in person as a workshop.


A workplace intervention should not leave participants feeling chastised or humiliated. We engage in processes that preserve the dignity of all concerned by providing a new way forward without focusing on shaming or blaming. Our interventions include individual or team conflict resolution and accommodation or return-to-work planning, especially where mental health is a factor.


Whether you manage a small team or are a senior leader, sometimes you need to rely on a workplace mental health expert to talk through solutions. Mary Ann Baynton is a consultant with vast experience improving workplace well-being and is available to you and/or your team on a consultancy basis.

Keynote Speaker

What better way to get a powerful message to your staff, stakeholders, clients or partners than to have a compelling expert speak about an important and timely topic? Mary Ann Baynton is undoubtedly one of the leading Canadian experts on mental health in the workplace.

Our services are aimed at resolving complex interpersonal issues that impact performance, productivity, and morale. Employers may be reluctant to address behavioural, performance, or conflict issues that may be linked to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

Our expertise is in improving workplace relationships, especially those that may include mental health related factors such as stress, burnout, depression or anxiety-related disorders.

We focus on the workplace interactions and how they affect all stakeholders including co-workers and supervisors.

Our services range from individual interventions around return to work or accommodation issues, to resolving conflict among an entire team.

Our presentations range from individual approaches to manage workplace stress, to organizational strategies to reduce psychological risk.

Let us help you address complex problems in a way that allows you to move toward more productive and healthy working relationships.