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  • Accommodations for Mental Disability

    Help for your employees with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety to remain productive. Together, we help you find solutions that work for them and which they are able to commit to for the long-term.

  • Anxiety At Work

    Everyone has a time when things become overwhelming and coping strategies become strained. This workshop helps you identify the type of stress you may be experiencing and the approach that may work for you to manage it more effectively.

  • Bullying

    This session explores a new approach to awareness about the impact we may have on others, the assumptions we may make, and an approach to intervening effectively.

  • Coaching

    Through our coaching services, we work one-on-one with managers, supervisors, human resources personnel, occupational health professionals, and union representatives where we learn their particular style and personality, and develop strategies that work with, rather than against, what comes naturally to them.

  • Interpersonal Workplace Issues

    Addressing conflict through traditional mediation does not always result in resolution. In fact, it sometimes does not even result in a truce. The process that we use to resolve conflict among employees or teams results in an agreement about a new way of interacting going forward.

  • Performance Management

    This workshop will help you develop a systematic approach to getting to the root of performance issues. From a lack of skills, knowledge or resources, to the possibility of a mental or physical health problem, we will explore not only the causes, but also the solutions to many performance issues.

  • Preventing Psychological Injury in the Workplace

    Learn about how to identify potential stressors, build resilience among your team, and respond when someone appears to be struggling.

  • Resilience

    The activities that you will experience in this session are work appropriate and build skills for resiliency. They were created for any leader to be able to facilitate and you can take them back to your own workplace to use with your teams.

  • Stay-at-Work Plans

    Similar to our return to work planning process, this service is aimed at employees who are experiencing emotional distress, but this is for those who are still at work. In order to help resolve issues and to assist the employee in staying productive at work, we work on a plan that addresses whatever problems have arisen.

  • Stress Management

    We provide practical strategies to better manage stress as well as to reduce the impact that comes from being around others or environments that are stressful to help build resilience. This session also touches on when stress leads to, or exacerbates a mental health condition and ways to cope.

  • Unions

    We recognize the personal emotional cost that can come with the position of Union Steward, especially when the work involves emotionally distressed members. We can help  experienced and newer stewards to recognize the risks to their own mental health and consider strategies to protect themselves while they are protecting the rights of their union brothers and sisters.

  • Workplace Mental Health Resources

    Learn about practical resources to help you create and support mentally healthy workplaces.

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