Anxiety At Work

Everyone has a time when things become overwhelming and coping strategies become strained.

Many of us have times when we cannot shake feelings of regret or worry. At other times we feel like we are doing our best, but it just doesn’t seem good enough.

Sometimes these thoughts are just fleeting and we shake it off and get back to a place of balance.

Sometimes it lasts longer and has negative effects on our health, our work and our relationships.

Whether this is part of an anxiety-related disorder, or just a part of life, this workshop helps you identify the type of stress you may be experiencing and the approach that may work for you to manage it more effectively.

For those who manage or work with individuals who may be stressed out, burned out or living with an anxiety disorder, this workshop will provide helpful insight and practical workplace strategies.

If your event does not have time for an interactive workshop, a shorter 60-90 minute presentation such as the following can open up the conversation:

Reclaiming Your Peace of Mind

For some people life has become endless days of deadlines, demands and pressure. ‘Fine’ has been replaced with ‘Busy!’ as our standard response to the question “How are you?” We blame constant change, the government, our family obligations, workload, and technology. And it’s all true. But if we continue to ride this wave of busy, we will hit a wall. Before you do that, take some time to think about some alternatives. This session is geared to seizing back the power you have to choose a life that, while still chaotic, provides more moments of relative calm.


Our popular workshops vary in length and approach. Contact us to discuss your needs.