The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace implies that if someone holds a position where they are expected to manage, support or lead people, they ought to be competent to manage, support or lead.  While a person in this type of role is there because they are good or great at their job; their expertise may not necessarily include working with the ups and downs of employee emotion. Furthermore, given the challenges of supporting the different emotions, mental and physical health issues, capabilities, perceptions, and expectations of individual employees in the workplace, it’s virtually impossible to effectively manage each person in the same way.

This may lead to the Manager feeling that the burden of working with employees who are emotionally distressed is overwhelming.  Fortunately, there is growing recognition that improving emotional intelligence is one clear way to strive towards excellence in managing, supporting and leading people, no matter what their emotional challenges may be.

Through our coaching services, we work one-on-one with:

  • managers,
  • supervisors,
  • human resources personnel,
  • occupational health professionals, and
  • union representatives

where we learn their particular style and personality, and develop strategies that work with, rather than against, what comes naturally to them. They will learn practical strategies to:

  • Manage negative reactions and emotions of others
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand triggers
  • Manage reactions

For a particular situation, or to develop a new approach, let us help you discover what works for you.


Our popular workshops vary in length and approach. Contact us to discuss your needs.