Interpersonal Workplace Issues

Addressing conflict through traditional mediation does not always result in resolution. In fact, it sometimes does not even result in a truce.

The process that we use to resolve conflict among employees or teams results in an agreement about a new way of interacting going forward.

We have worked in organizations where employees were emotionally distressed by:

  • hostility
  • anger
  • bitterness
  • humiliation
  • frustration of their co-workers

In some cases, co-workers had not spoken to each other for years.

Our approach is to break down the barriers by refusing to engage in blaming or shaming and instead asking everyone to engage in committing to a way forward. We involve each employee in the solution and offer only practical strategies that work in your unique environment.

Are you tired of working in a stressed out or emotional environment? Let us help you enjoy going to work once again.


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