Stay-at-Work Plans

Similar to our return to work planning process, this service is aimed at employees who are experiencing emotional distress, but this is for those who are still at work. In order to help resolve issues and to assist the employee in staying productive at work, we work on a plan that addresses whatever problems have arisen.

Whether those problems include:

  • unaddressed performance issues,
  • conflicts with co-workers,
  • difficult relations between employee and supervisor
  • or concern about ongoing behaviours in the workplace

we find ways to change the situation for the better.

Our past cases have included complex and diverse situations involving a range of mental health issues including stress, depression, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, etc.

We have worked in unionized environments, healthcare and educational settings, industrial and high-risk settings, corporate head offices and small business settings. We have helped professors, engineers, nurses, bus drivers, receptionists, and many others.

When you have tried everything and feel exasperated by the situation, it is time to call us.


Our popular workshops vary in length and approach. Contact us to discuss your needs.