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Preventing Workplace Meltdown
This book is about mental injuries in the workplace – what they are, how to assess the risks of their occurrence, how to prevent legal liability for them and how to create psychologically safe workplaces. Mental injury at work has become a recognized category of harm in the law over the last 15 years and every year it becomes more important for employers to understand what it is and how to prevent it. In this book, the authors combine their perspectives on the legal imperative to provide a psychologically safe work environment with strategies and stories that come from actual experiences in the field of workplace mental health. By sharing the worst case scenario – being held legally liable for causing mental injury to an employee – along with the successful approaches used by others, you will learn what to avoid as well as practical strategies to prevent problems.

Available for purchase from Carswell Publishing

One-on-One Questions for Employees

This PDF is available free for download. Many people have asked about the One-on-One questions I use with my own employees to keep connected and aware of their psychological health and safety at work.

I travel a lot so rarely have time to sit face-to-face for this, but that is of course the preferable approach.

When I am away, I fill out this form myself first and email it to my team. This is important because it levels the playing field in a couple of ways – if I don’t have time to fill it out, they don’t have to do it either and it is less daunting to share if the “boss” does it first. They then complete their form (they have the empty template to use) and email it back to me.

I can quickly see if they need my help and where I can express my appreciation for their efforts. I reply as soon as possible and find that we can often solve issues before they become problems. Feel free to have a look at my template and adapt it for your needs.

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