Custom Workshop Topics

  • Identifying/recognizing mental health issues at work
  • Getting beyond anger and negativity – helping workers resolve conflict
  • Managing performance
  • Case studies – the return to work process where mental health is a factor
  • Case studies – resolving workplace issues where mental health is a factor
  • Self-care for union reps, managers, or supervisors – the emotional cost of supporting others
  • Managing co-workers reactions
  • Leveraging resources – in the community and in the organization
  • Working to develop a workplace mental health strategy

Some previous workshops have included:

Beyond Treatment – Engaging the Workplace in Return to Work Success
When You Never Signed Up for ‘This’ – Managing Workplace Mental Health Issues
Get Commitment Over Compliance
Egos & Emotions – Helping Managers Manage
Anxiety at Work – Yours, Mind & Ours