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We help both seasoned and new consultants navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with being a successful consultant. Our examples are all in the field of management consulting related to psychological health and safety, but most of the content is useful for any consulting role.

Topics include:

  • Starting where your client’s at – understanding the needs and challenges of your potential clientele
  • Practical business considerations – setting boundaries and establishing a solid foundation
  • Assessment and analysis approaches – considerations of when, why, how and if to do a formal assessment
  • Interventions to change behaviours – creating interventions at organizational, team and individual levels and assessing outcomes for continual improvement
  • Fostering positive workplace culture – leadership development and team building
  • Crisis management – identifying and responding to issues that arise as well as creating systems to prevent or mitigate risks
  • Avoiding consultant burnout – recognizing common stressors and strategies to prevent burnout and build personal resilience
  • Critical skills for consultants – communication, decision-making, and project management
  • Strategic approaches – leveraging existing research and resources to support your success
  • Practical application of knowledge – creating and presenting your consulting services overview to a group for feedback
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